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  Anguilla, BWI is an English independent territory in the northeast corner of the Caribbean. (Click image to enlarge.)

Around Anguilla

"I must come back to Anguilla"

There are many people who have never been to Anguilla. There are very few people who have been to Anguilla only once. Learn why one of its most popular songs is, "I must come back to Anguilla."

Anguilla, BWI is an English independent territory in the northeast corner of the Caribbean. Its greatest asset is its 11,000 industrious, conscientious, fun-loving, and welcoming people. With tourism as their largest industry, Anguillians are committed to showing you their beautiful island with pride and hospitality.

English is the official and spoken language. American currency is accepted everywhere, and most establishments accept all major credit cards.

Spectacular Beaches, Glorious Weather

Beautiful AnguillaThe island is long and thin, creating an endless shoreline and over 30 of the world's most beautiful beaches. Many are over 1½ miles long; not one has a high-rise. Some are entirely unoccupied; some have beach bars, visually pleasing hotels, and spectacular villas. All beaches are public and entirely uncrowded.

The waters off of these beaches are equally spectacular. Anguilla is a snorkeler's paradise. Go in directly off of the beach, or take one of the many dive boats—for snorkeling or scuba.

Weather is warm (highs in the high 80's; lows in the low 70's) but always breezy. The winds come from the east and keep you cool during the day. Blue skies with puffy clouds are the norm. Brief showers reinvigorate the foliage.

Getting to Anguilla

Beautiful AnguillaAnguilla is in that portion of the Caribbean known as the "Leewards", 6 miles north of Saint Martin and less than 200 miles east of Puerto Rico. The primary air carrier into Anguilla's Wallblake Airport is American Eagle (from San Juan ), which coordinates with American Airline flights into and out of the United States and Canada. Also, many carriers provide jet service into nearby Saint Martin. The short trip from St. Martin to Anguilla is made by small charter flight or a ferry ride (a wonderful way to see Anguilla for the first time).

See why The Today Show chose to throw its 2004 fantasy wedding on Anguilla.

Anguilla: "Tranquility Wrapped in Blue"

Safety, security, great beaches, fabulous restaurants, hospitable people, local bands, colorful wooden boats, and many churches all await you.

Come to Anguilla and experience "tranquility wrapped in blue".

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