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The Grounds

BeachCourt's "backyard" is Shoal Bay East, one of the Caribbean's most magnificent beaches. The villa is on an acre, where the talc sands of Shoal Bay end—you walk the entire beach, but almost no one walks by you.

Within the gate (whose primary purpose is to keep out the goats) are all manner of tropical gardens: oleander, bougainvillea, allamanda, palm trees, and local grasses surround the house, tennis court and beach path; planters adorn the pool deck as well.

The Best of Both Worlds

BeachCourt gives you the "best of both worlds": the magnificent views and cooling breezes of being on a hill yet a short walk directly to the sea and sand. The beach path goes through lush vegetation and its gate is not visible to the occasional passer-by. Your privacy is assured.

The Omnicourt (rubberized undercoating makes it very easy on the feet) tennis court sits directly above the beach. The views are breath-taking. If you love tennis and beautiful surroundings, BeachCourt is your paradise.

The 50' X 15' fresh water pool is perfect for lap swimming or a refreshing dip after snorkeling or walking the beach. Its expansive deck (covered in non-slip travertine) is terraced just beneath the Great Room and its covered veranda, so that the "sun worshippers" and 'shade-sitters" can be together. From this perspective you overlook the sea, to the east, north, and west. Just look at the pictures in our Gallery.

Come Experience BeachCourt

BeachCourt's name comes from two of its greatest assets: on Shoal Bay beach and with a magnificently situated tennis court. It offers so much more, however. Come experience BeachCourt.

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